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Company Profile

QTS is an ICT service provider in the Middle East, providing best-in-class turnkey ICT services from the headquarters in Lebanon and the regional branches.

QTS is certified by AQC MIDDLE EAST FZE for ISO 9001:2015
QTS is certified by AQC MIDDLE EAST FZE for ISO 45001:2018
QTS is certified by AQC Certification for ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 45001:2018 ISO 14001:2015

Mission and Vision

QTS Mission is to provide clients with an optimal quality of ICT service solutions within proper time and budget constraints.

The company envisions to remain a pioneer in the ICT market, and to continuously predict, meet, and exceed end-users changing demands and expectations.


Our Management Team


Increase Market Share

Diversify Client Database

Adapt To Market Changes

Enhance Flexibility

Predict, Meet, & Exceed Consumers Needs, Desires & Expectations

Reshape Business Processes

Expand Portfolio Of Services

Implement Up-To-Date Technologies

Provide Optimal Quality Service Within Time & Budget

Satisfy & Motivate Clients & Staff Respectively

Supply Electro-mechanical, Passive, Security Equipment, Cyber Security & Power

Overcome Market Threats & Create Opportunities

Expand Regionally: Middle East & Africa

Implement Sustainable Projects

Maintain Pioneer Status In Talents' Supply

Talents Pool

Core Competencies

QTS resources have more than 10 years of experience on multi-vendors platforms and products.

Having multinational experience and different cultures’ exposure, QTS dynamic resources have the ability to execute efficiently any project even in the most difficult environments.

In managing our projects, QTS applies proactive customized processes based on PMI guidelines and on ensuring highest quality standards.

QTS compete on quality, with a cost efficient strategy where our main target is to deliver turnkey telecom projects on time and within budget.

Core Competencies

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